Purple book

 There is this ‘Purple book’ in my church (I claim it is my church but I am no longer active in it, truly shame on me) where in during the water baptism event (they call it ‘Victory Weekend’) I had, they gave out free purple book which tackles 12 chapters on basic biblical foundational truths every believer should know by heart. The sad thing is that prior to me getting one 2 one and water baptized, I already bought my purple book for like 100 plus or it was like 200+ pesos honestly I forgot the price. The funny thing when I bought it, it had writings on it so the personnel at the back table made a mistake good thing I did not leave hastily so I was able to replace it with a new one. So now I have two purple books: one free and the other bought. So I might just give the other one away when the right person comes to receive it. After I got water baptized, my semester for my 4th yr of college was really busy schedule. There were events in the church like ‘purple book class’ and ‘ignite’ events that sadly though I wanted to go but I wasn’t able to go cause I don’t have time to go to a youth service and register. I got the money but my time just ain’t available. Then I have decided in my heart it ain’t just for me. Then another purple book class suddenly came up again this September 2015. I got all the time cause I have graduated from college and I just stay at home but cause I don’t have any work I just don’t have money for it. Yes, I could have asked from my dad for money but I have realized I have a purple book what’s the point in going there if the reference book is already in my hands. So last September 13-19,2015 (I really don’t know when I started again in chapter 2 cause I answered chapter 1 before but I wasn’t able to continue it) I started answering again and finished at September 19,2015. Basically when I devoted my time doing the purple book I could feel God’s holy presence in my heart like the Holy Spirit is really happy I am getting sanctified again in God’s Word. My experience in answering the book at first was like ‘ I already know this basics why go over again. I mean I have read some of this from some Christian articles online.’. Also flipping thru the bible from different books and chapters just to answer questions in the purple book and it makes me tired so it got me really 5 or so days to finished 12 chapters. At the middle going towards the end, I have learned things that I didn’t know. Just like when I got hooked up reading Jack Chick gospel tracts I have first memorized john3:16 because of those chick tracts. With the purple book I have learned to memorized Matthew 28:19-20 by heart.

  “Go and make disciples of all nation baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all my commandments, behold I am with you always till the end of the age”
(P.S. Sorry about my quoting from my memory. I no longer care about punctuation marks like placing a period when I memorize verses.)


3 thoughts on “Purple book

  1. Ese problema si lo tengo.Si desaparece blogger, pierdo todo lo que escribí…Bueno, casi todo. Realmente sería una tragedia, pues es un pedacito de mi vida.Ahora, hacer un backup de todas las entradas es una tarea demasiado ardúa.Guardaré copias a partir de ahora….


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