Why the Levites?

Hi there! You may not totally agree with me but this is just my opinion/theory.
 My own theory why the tribe of Levite (Levi, son of Israel) was chosen to be God’s priests and from that tribe came Moses who was a great prophet of the Old Testament. 

It made me think out of so many sons of Jacob/Israel, Jacob loved Joseph above all his other sons and yet Moses who lead the nation Israel out of Egypt was from Levi not Joseph?! Then I understood that Joseph married an egyptian who was considered a gentile. Then I researched in the internet who was the wife of Levi because Levi was just third eldest son and not the eldest son who was Reuben. And I was able to find out in an extra biblical account called Book of Jubilees, the wife of Levi was Melka of the daughters of Aram of the seed of the sons of Terah. And based on that account too, the other names of wives of each sons of Jacob were also listed. Some of Jacob’s sons happened to marry women who were gentile. And Levi’s wife was not of gentile origin because she was of the seed of Terah, kinsmen of Abraham. But ofcourse Melka’s family side may have married some gentiles too which I may not know only God knows. Since Simeon, the second born had a gentile wife, Simeon’s tribe is not eligible for Old Testament priesthood. How about Reuben, the eligible first born? Though in the book of Jubilees, it mentioned his wife’s name was Ada, but whether she was a gentile or a hebrew it was not stated. But based on the Bible, Reuben had sex with one of Jacob’s concubines which ripped Reuben’s right as a firstborn son and this happened way before Joseph became a slave in Egypt. Which means Levi’s tribe was the next in command as a firstborn. Though Jacob blessed the sons of Joseph as the ‘firstborn’ because Jacob considered the firstborn son to be coming from the wife he loved more which was Rachel. In God’s eyes, Joseph’s descendants were not holy enough (because the bloodline was mixed with the egyptian). And because of that, the tribe of Levi was the next best thing for a holy priesthood to come from. And for Moses, a great leader and Aaron the first high priest to come from.

Levites were so special in the Old Testament because not only were they set apart from the rest of the tribes and they had a special book in the Bible called Leviticus. Levites’ inheritance is Yahweh Himself. What more can a man ask for but to be with close proximity with the Person who gives you life and sustenance and that Person is Yahweh Himself. Also the Levites are the only people who can sacrifice for sin in the Old Testament times. They are the only ones who can be near the ark of the covenant and doing all the services in God’s Holy Temple.

Such a great honor this tribe must have!

But ever since Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins and was resurrected and gave us his righteousness, Lord Jesus Christ became the high priest and we become a royal priesthood without being born of the Levite tribe.

Thanks for reading and God bless!


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