The struggle of being frugal

Hi guys and girls! Thank you for dropping by my blog.

I won’t preach much today but I just want to write my struggle for trying to be creative in a frugal way.

Last night, I spent my night researching other blogs on their experiences about AUP . (The medical school I am aiming for if Yahweh wills it.) It’s a boarding  school so I really wanted to know how it’s like to live there.

When I got tired of doing that, I struggle to think on ways I could make a DIY lace. I find it hard to search in the net for instructional articles about it. So I thought I should just buy one from a shop who sells it. But my frugality struck me. Being a home buddy, I don’t like to go out of my house on my own even though I know how to get to malls like SM Mega mall, Divisoria, or Taytay. And when I asked my dad if he would chaperone me, he agreed begrudgingly and I don’t like that. So I searched non-stop in the internet for solutions to make a DIY lace. I was able to land in this one website and she is good in making instructions simple with pictures and all that. And she said in her article, I should need a cork board, a pattern, pins, bobbins and yarn/cotton thread. I have all of it except a cork board! I know I can buy one in National Book Store but being frugal I don’t want to burn my cash cause I am unemployed. Sadly no one in the internet know what is the substitute for a cork board. Then a thought struck me from somewhere. I can use styrofoam boards which I already have. (So that was the purpose Yahweh I had those styrofoam boards I have in my drawer without apparent use before.) Down the line with that mindset, I also thought hard sponges (the brand new kinds you use for dishwashing) can be used too! Though I hadn’t tried that. Then I also thought if that is not enough, the card board box and irregularly shaped styrofoam with it can be used to stab pins with it. (My dad recently bought a new refrigerator to replace the 23 year old refrigerator we had but sadly he still keeps the old refrigerator anyway. So we have 2 refrigerators and I got a huge box with styrofoams.)

So the only struggle left is the appropriate thread or yarn which inevitably I will buy some time in the future. And letting out my creative juices for my own unique pattern!

That’s all for now.

God bless you if you are able to reach this far in reading my struggles on seemingly mundane stuffs of life.


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