Grace definitions

According to prophet TB Joshua, grace is ….
❤️Grace, antonym of merit 
❤️Grace, it is God’s doing not human hands
❤️Grace, it is a gift not a salary or outcome of our works
❤️Grace, freely given not worked for
❤️Grace is a will of God therefore the will of God is God’s doing
❤️Grace is power
❤️Power of the Lord is grace
❤️Grace is the strength from the Lord
❤️Grace is past tense (Ephesians, Proverbs 4:10-11 (Lord’s promise)) because Lord had done it.
Count your blessings and your doubt on the presence of God will fly out.
When you learn what God has made you for, you will be contended. You are what God says you are, so why compare yourself with others. Why look yourself to others? No one and nobody is like you and that is God’s master plan.
At God’s time everything looks beautiful.

History of prophet TB Joshua

 He was detained in National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in 1996 for 13 days because of drug dealing  false accusation. He learned to be mature in the cell. Then he was declared innocent. He has been to many persecution. Since he was a teenager, his core values are love and be loved, help and be helped, show mercy and receive mercy.

Reference book: Ephesians , Standard for Life by Prophet TB Joshua



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