Waxing experience

(Disclaimer. This blog post was months ago. )

I’ve used both Epilin hair remover wax and Nanny Rose’s queen bee all natural hair remover. Both are wax. The first one needed to be heated first before apply it on the area of concern. Methods of heating SHOULD be on a hot water bath till it melts. In my case I wasn’t reading the instructions carefully and just heated it on top of my stove on low fire. In the case its said flammable because of the resin in it. By God’s grace it did not burst into flames. Hallelujah! It is very effective it removed all 100% of my hair on my left armpit but i have to admit the process of removing was very painful. Next is the Nanny Rose’s hair remover wax. It is also effective depending on the manner on how you applied it. With this one you can use it as either hot or cold. By melting it further you use the microwave on high setting for less than a minute. This one has a cheese cloth like strip that you use to remove the wax+ hair afterwards. Depending on the manner of how you apply the wax, the amount, and how you remove with the strip at times there hairs remaining and you just stick again on the strip and remove it by pulling on the opposite direction of your hair growth. 

Also I tried to make my own wax but its no good. What an epic failure. So instead of making my own I will just buy cold wax from a drugstore.

Maybe using wax as hair remover in general other than your armpits is not that painful. The armpits are kind of a problem cause its painful. Imagine using wax on your armpit. Imagine the pain. I experience the pain and I analogize it with how painful to uproot the sins in your heart. That’s how painful it is.

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