Blender recipes

Have you ever heard of soup diet?

I just heard about it from a TV advertising a blender/soup maker/coffee maker/water kettle in one home appliance. The effects of this product seems promising. It promises very easy usage for kitchen newbies and it helped people lose a lot of weight, feel less hungry, and feel more younger in just 1 week. And it gave me an idea. Since my family already have a blender, I thought I could just copy their recipes and improvise a bit. I have been having bowel and gas problems and I feel/look bloated. 

So I tried making my soup and I chose carrots as my first trial. I already had chopped carrots stored in my refrigerator and I don’t know what to do with it. Good thing I’ve seen the product advertisement of the blender/soup maker. Since I only have a plain blender, I boil separately the chopped carrots in a small pot with water and some powdered pepper and salt. After boiling it in the pot, I waited for a few minutes for it to slightly cool and blender it. And after a few seconds, it’s done. It doesn’t look tasty at all but I tasted it anyway and it tastes good.

Since this is my first time ever thinking and actually making soup using a blender, I just researched the net of possible recipes. You could check it here:

Also I’ve seen in TV that you could make your own soya milk using blender. Hooray! You won’t need to buy expensive soya milk in cartons or glass bottles. And here is another recipe you could try:

Next time I might try making squash soup or maybe some corn soup. Or I could try some cream of mushroom soup using mushrooms and water?! (I don’t know how that works.)

Will you also try soup diet? Or maybe some other healthy blender recipes? Anyway whatever it is you may want to cook, may God inspire you to do so!

Ciao 😀


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