Natural oils as sunscreen

When we buy sunscreens or lotions, we often see the letters ‘SPF’.

SPF stands for sun protection factor. The number determines how long it can protect you from the sun’s uv rays and how much of the sun’s rays are blocked. Every spf 1 is equivalent to 10 minutes.
Oils with natural spf :

1.Carrot seed oil – spf 40 (so it can protect you 400 minutes or more than 6 hours sun exposure but I don’t know how much intensity of the sun it can blocked out)
2.Raspberry seed oil-spf 30
3.Wheat germ oil-spf 20
4.Avocado oil -spf 15
5.Soya bean oil-spf 10
6.Coconut oil -spf 8
7.Olive oil-spf 8
8.Macadamia nut oil-spf 6
9.Almond oil-spf 5
10.Jojoba oil-spf 4

Obviously you can’t use the readily available coconut oil or olive oil as a natural sunscreen for reasons that it won’t protect you from too much sun exposure. So if you find this blog post helpful, it is in your own discretion whether you would use the listed natural oils above.

Bible verses:

Psalm 23: 5 ‘ You anoint my head with oil’

Psalm 89: 20 I have found David, my servant with my holy oil I have anointed him.

Sometimes oil represents God’s anointing. That God’s Holy Spirit is poured on us. And just like the natural oil sunscreens, it shields us from anything evil. But we should continually ‘bath’ in His Holy Spirit so that we can be protected from evil things/spirits and prevent us from sinning.


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