My awesome frugal tips

I have been thinking of ways to be frugal and lessen my family’s household expenses. I have searched the internet of ways some bloggers try to be frugal. And here is the list I use and adapt from other bloggers:

1. Spend less energy. My family has been blessed by owning  more than one property  and sometimes I lived in the other house and isolate myself from my brother and mother. And since I come into my senses that I can no longer stay longer in that house and should move in with my brother and my mother and save the energy consumption of the house I used to lodge sometimes. My target energy consumption for the other house is less than 100 kwh. And for two months now I saved more than Php700 or $16. And I’m so dead serious about it that even though the old house where my brother and mom lived is so torn down and storm battered, we still patiently lived in it with no major renovations whatsoever.

2. Set a weekly budget or a souvenir budget. Sometimes I don’t follow this. And based on a blogger I’ve read, if she went beyond her budget, she will deduct the amount that exceeded her budget and will offset the next week’s budget.

3. Eat more veggies and fruits than any kind of meat. At first I thought I was the only one trying to obey this rule but later on I found out another  blogger gave this as a tip. For obvious reasons that veggies and fruits are cheaper and more nutritious than meat.

4.Don’t buy deodorants. Aside from I have accumulated so many that I can’t finish one before I use another one; there are many chemicals in deodorants that causes your underarms to stain your white shirt yellow. It’s a chemical reaction between the aluminum salt and with your sweat. My dad and brother simply uses baby powder to resolve the underarm issue. Personally I use underarm lotion from beauty salons.

5. Don’t buy any new hygiene products until the old one is consumed. Before I just keep on buying different brands of the same purpose and it ends up accumulated. Now I diligently finish one product before I buy a new one.

6.Laundry products. Other bloggers would try to make their own laundry powders. Personally I don’t want to DIY that instead I buy a reputable  brand which is for me is TIDE.

7. Don’t buy make ups. When I was in fourth year college I buy a lot of make ups which by now I don’t even use. They just accumulated. And since I already graduated and without any income, I simply can’t buy. Also, simplicity/being natural is beauty.

8. Lotions. I used to buy lotions out of curiosity. Sometimes I get lazy putting some lotion that it ends up not being totally consumed. So refer to tip #5.

9. Hair conditioners. I used to dye my hair different colors and now I totally stopped dyeing my hair. Since I had treated hair before, I needed a hair conditioner to moisturize my dry hair. But now that my natural hair has grown, it tends to be really oily that using a conditioner is a big NO. So I had plenty bottles of half full conditioners and different brands that I no longer used. And I found out that you could really use hair conditioners as body conditioners (after you take a shower, you apply the hair conditioner like lotion and rinse off). And now I’m excited to try that out and save some money.

10. Conserve water.

11. Beware of phantom electricity suckers. Example, extension cords, televisions, unused lights, etc.

12. Cakes and desserts. I have come into my senses that buying expensive cakes or desserts would drained my wallet, instead I should learn to bake. It will be a fun learning experience to bake with the use of cheap appliances like microwave or oven toaster or a small convection oven. Though sometimes you’re a newbie baker like me that the outcome is not so great. But hey, you will learn and the joy of baking your own desserts is priceless.

13. Do not online shopping. I used to buy PLENTY of times from Lazada and other online shops. And sometimes some of the items I bought are just useless and a waste of money. And this time, I vowed not to do online shopping again for the next 5 months or so.

14. Take care of special equipments and other stuffs you already own. Needless to say by taking care of what you already have, it can last long and you won’t need to buy a new one or repair it.

15. Exercise. Don’t buy expensive sports equipment for exercise or go to gym for membership. I never knew that exercising could be dirt cheap. So use your God given limbs and move! Great example is by taking 10,000 steps a day! You just need a phone with StepWise app and it will count your progress. This is a good cardio exercise alternative to zumba and other fitness exercises. I used to do zumba with my dorm mate but it so hard I just can’t do that every day. While taking 10,000 steps a day is very easy compared to zumba or swimming.

16. Eat kimchi or yogurt and your stomach will thank you for it. It will make you look slim and you won’t need to buy expensive laxatives or slimming lotions like Kontur.

17. Eat before you go to malls so that you won’t be tempted to eat in restaurants or fast foods.

18. Cook your own food. You will be able to customize the ingredients and taste. Also, you will learn a life skill.

19. Based on a pinoy blogger I’ve read, he/she put in 1 peso a day as savings in her/his piggy bank. And though the savings is not huge, a savings has some value on it no matter how small.

20. Don’t buy unnecessary stuffs that you might already have. In my case I should no longer buy other hair accessories or hair mousse/spray.

21. Sometimes you need to take vitamins like Centrum or Cecon. Certain days you really don’t eat healthy or other times its expensive to eat the good stuff. Taking vitamin tablets will do the job.

22. Drink alkaline water. You can make your water alkaline by dipping a lemon slice in it or by drinking teas! Most organic teas are medium alkaline. Drinking alkaline water is healthy because it preserves the natural pH of your body and avoids diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

23. Entertainment. Sometimes I wanted to watch movies in theater houses but I stopped my urge to do it in order to save money. Also it allows me to find entertainment in other cheaper or free and readily available alternatives such as internet or youtube.

24. Don’t go branded. Be humble wearing in your nameless or less popular brand clothes.

25.Cellphones/Smartphones. Each year new versions of smartphones are released in the market. For me I am already blessed to own 1 and my dad lends me another. So don’t follow the fad. Be content in what you own.

26. Set apart and give tithes. ( I am so sorry this is not the top of my list.) No matter how paradoxical is this it works.

27. I’ve read from a blogger that coconut water is cheaper and contains more electrolytes than sports drinks such as Pocari sweat or Gatorade. So choose coconut water!

28. DIY. There are so many DIY in the net. It depends on the person’s needs and what project to DIY. Personally, my family have so many pizza boxes becase of so much love for pizzas. And I learned you could make a drawer out of it. I have not done it yet but I will try.

29. Always use your rewards card when shopping. It’s so wonderful that in my SM Advantage card I already have 300+ points.

30. Don’t buy on impulse. Many bloggers said you should delay your gratification. And really think it through if you really need it.

31. Cut your own hair. I have been doing this myself when I cut my long hair last year short. There are tutorials in youtube on how you can cut your own hair.

32. Buy in bulk those things you really need especially if it’s cheaper in bulk than small packages.

33. Make a visual menu you can cook at home. Sometimes if you don’t know what to eat or cook, it leads you to just buying cook food or eating outside.

34. Clean cooling appliances. I clean sometimes my air conditoners and refrigerators. It’s important to clean it so that dust won’t accumulate and make it more energy efficient.

35. I’ve learn from a blogger that she keeps her freezer full to lessen energy consumption. Also it helps if you thaw excess ice in freezers to make it more efficient.

36. I’ve learn from a blogger that he always uses ‘draft mode’ when printing. I also learned about the free program called ‘CutePDF’. Just search it out in google. You could convert files or make pdf files through this program but personally I have not downloaded it yet.

37. Use pencil when writing your own notes or ideas. For me pencils are cheaper than ballpens in the long run because the graphite in pencil won’t fade unlike the ink of a ballpen which  sometimes dry up. Right now I still keep my 50+ pencils different sizes and number which I accumulated ever since my elementary days.

38. Avoid vices. 

Honestly I don’t know how a person can extend his or her frugal ways. Maybe I might learn something new which I may add to this list. 

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