Day 5 Was a Wattpad Writer

Hi! Today is Day 5 out of 1000 days blog challenge. I got so interested in Wattpad back in 2012 when I was just 2nd year college student. At that time, wattpad stories have not yet ballooned into becoming a movies or soap operas. Maybe I have read over 100 stories in Wattpad mostly romance fantasy fiction stories. Because I have read over 100 stories, I was inspired to make my own. Honestly it was not even famous enough unlike those other writers whose work become popular-Wattpad-published-into-books-sold-in-bookstores. I didn’t have much followers as others had. I have written 2 short stories and 1 series which I never got ended. Honestly looking back, I was not even a born again Christian yet. I have realized the stories I have written are so unrealistic, so ungodly and so weird story lines. Right now if I were to choose to write fiction stories again, I would say I want to write more about real people than invent a tell tale story. I don’t care if I am not as famous as those millionare Wattpad writers. I want my writings to be authentic, to be me and to be what Yahweh wants me to write. And if I were to choose between Wattpad and WordPress, I fallen in love in writing in WordPress than I did in Wattpad. I was never been a part of any school journal club or organization. And I would not even dare to join one if given the opportunity. Because I love how casual writing in WordPress help me appreciate myself and there is no strain in my writing. If you are a frequent reader of my posts, you would see I am not an outstanding writer. I thank Yahweh who continues to inspire to write. 


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