Day 11 Why Yahweh designed it to be win-win situation?

Hi! Today is Day 11 out of 1000 days blog challenge.

 I believe in a win-win mindset. In a broken world we live today, there is a hope to have a win-win mindset. Nobody has to lose because we have a merciful and gracious God who is Yahweh.

Is it possible for both sides to win? Is it possible nobody is going to lose? Answer is yes and yes. This is made possible because our God Yahweh has designed things and people as they are. Exception to the win-win mindset is demons (because obviously demons are rebellious spirits therefore unworthy of God’s bountiful graces).

(c) Rina
So what are the examples we could experience being in a “win-win” situation?

  1. Money. It is written in the Bible we should give our tithes to God. That is 10% of what we own goes to God and the remaining 90% goes to us. If you think about it Yahweh is gracious for you and I to have such a bargain! It’s such a steal in a way it pleases God and at the same time we are obeying Him.
  2. Marriage. In the movie “Marriage Retreat”, I have learned for a man and a woman to get closer to each other is by first they NEED TO GET CLOSER TO YAHWEH. And as they get closer to Yahweh, the man and woman also get closer to each other in the process. Imagine a triangle. At the base of the triangle in opposite vertices are a man and a woman. As both climbs up to the height of the triangle who is God, man and woman are drawn closer. A man or woman no need to play a game in which the other wins and the other loses and out of defeated pride admits something. That is not how God designed it to be.
  3. Salvation. We don’t need to prove something and make to much effort to earn salvation from God’s wrath. Since it is God’s wrath we are doomed to, out of God’s love for us He also provided a way through His Son Lord Jesus Christ. What we need to do is believe in Lord Jesus Christ. Believing in Him seems effortless than doing many herculean tasks. Such a win-win in a way we are given salvation through faith and believing and at the same time, it pleases God that we believe in His Son.
  4. Food. Since the beginning, God designed the body of the man to be vegetarian. But since mankind has been utterly wicked and sinful, God allowed the earth to be devastated with a curse that is why there is a huge LACK OF VEGETATIONS in the whole earth. God designed the whole earth to be habitable and arable. Have you not wondered why there is such a small percentage for man to live and farm? It’s because of man’s sin! But if we try to be vegetarian atleast 70% to what we eat (truly we can’t eradicate meat from our table), we could be more healthy. I consider it to be win-win situation.
  5. The body is for earth. Truly God designed our body for earthly living. That is why our muscles and bones are in harmony with the earth’s gravity. We humans can’t live in outer space. Since this is God’s design for us, we just need to utilize God’s gift to us-our bodies and the earth as our home.
  6. God’s Law fulfilled thru Lord Jesus Christ. No one can truly live up to God’s Law. So it is such a win-win situation for me that Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled it all and the only thing I need to do is believe in Him.
  7. To live is Christ and to die is gain. I consider this a win-win situation because whether I live or die, I belong to Christ Jesus.
  8. John 16:24. This verse refers to asking God of anything in the name of Jesus. And also when we receive what we ask in Jesus’ name, God makes sure there is no added sorrow and we will receive fulness of joy! Such a win-win situation!
(c) Rina, Win-Win Infograph made with typorama

There may be more situations attributed to a “win-win mindset” but I am lacking of ideas already. So if you have any win-win situation, comment below and I’ll be glad to know what God has done for you!

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