Day 15 Perks of being God’s servant

Hi! Today is Day 15 out of 1000 days blog challenge.

There are so many perks of being God’s servant. Biblically its found in Psalm 143 and many other chapters in Psalm which tackles the perks of being God’s servant. 

I am looking forward in the future when Lord Jesus Christ will finally say to me “Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter into the joy of My rest.” Though I don’t know what His exact words would be but that is the context of His message.

My personal encounters with these perks are so many. 

When I had nightmare, I shouted  Yahweh’s name. And the other time I said Jehovah is Rah (Jehovah/ Yahweh is my Shepherd). At times I would say in my dreams “Holy Spirit fire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” Then a white bright light appears or sometimes fire (blue and other times orange)and I am saved. Then after those nightmares I would be having a different scenery in my dream and it was so much pleasant and I would wake up after.

Another incident…

November 18, 2015. I was going home from Taytay Market. After several minutes but still quite far from my destination, it rained so hard. I am already inside the jeepney when it rained and I don’t have umbrella. I was with my dad and he doesn’t have umbrella too. I prayed to Yahweh silently to make the rain stop for His servant, Rina’s sake (my sake). Faithfully the rain stop when we reached 2/3 of our trip and it shined brightly. Indeed Yahweh answered my prayer and acknowledge that I am His servant. 

There are so many benefits to being God’s servant aside from what I testified. As a God’s servant, it is a desire to be near God’s presence. Even King Solomon wanted to be in Yahweh’s house cause it is better to be in Yahweh’s house as a servant than to be some ruler in this FALLEN AND BROKEN WORLD! 

Why should we look into ourselves as bondservants of Yahweh more than as children of God or prince or princess? 

Because Yahweh is our Master and we are all subject to Him and it is a faithful reminder of how we can truly humble ourselves by thinking “I am just His servant and that I can amount to nothing if I am without Yahweh.”


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