Day 21 Book review: Habakkuk

Hi! Today is Day 21 out of 1000 days blog challenge. 
It amazes me when there is a conversation between Yahweh and man in the Bible. And of course, the book of Habakkuk is no exception.
This is the time where the dominating nation in the entire world is Babylon. Maybe in the modern time, this could be liken to America because of the scope of power and prestige. 
At the first chapter, I saw how Habakkuk complain to Yahweh and I observed he only said 4 verses. And it is surprising that Yahweh answers not only man’s prayers but also man’s many illogical foolish complains. And when Yahweh answers we better listen for like in Habakkuk 1:5-11, His answer is longer than the complain of Habakkuk. And when Yahweh answers our complains, He gives wonderful promises that sometimes when a nonbeliever hears it, it is truly unbelievable. Not only does Yahweh promises something, He also knows the true personality of people especially when Yahweh describes it in Habakkuk 1:6b-11.
After Yahweh comforted Habakkuk with His promise, Habakkuk complain and tell of the terrible truth of the sufferings they experienced. Sometimes when we complain to Yahweh, it can be truthful and just. And yet despite our steadfastness towards God, we question why the wicked still prospers and why the righteous are SEEM forsaken. This is seen in verses 12-17 of Habakkuk 1. In Habakkuk 2, Yahweh responded in a very short message found in verse 4. And unlike the previous promise of Yahweh in chapter 1, Yahweh wanted Habakkuk to write this new promise to him in stone. Yahweh wanted to instill in Habakkuk and to orher men and women like Habakkuk who doubts and tends to forget sometimes God’s promises. Yahweh wanted us to be always be reminded of His promises even if it meant to be written on stone (Habakkuk 2:2). Yahweh’s promise is clear, the wicked and the prideful will fail no matter what but the righteous shall live by faith (paraphrased in my own words). So even if the situation deceives us because the prideful are left not judge, Yahweh assures us that the wicked will be judge at its proper time. 
With regards to Habakkuk 2:5-20, I don’t know if Yahweh personally told Habakkuk those words or Habakkuk had an amazing realizations. The whole gist of these verses is simply the impending God’s wrath that will be drink forcefully to the wicked (this kind of judgment is the same with Revelation) and the futility of worthless idols who can’t even talk like Yahweh did two times to Habakkuk.

Habakkuk 3 highly reminds me of Psalm 18. If you read Psalm 18 and Habakkuk 3, you would see some similarities with analogies and concepts used. This is the respone of Habakkuk to the many wonderful things Yahweh has told him and showed him. In Habakkuk 2:20, Habakkuk noticed that the entire earth is silenced by Yahweh’s presence. And in Habakkuk 3:16, Habakkuk vowed to SILENTLY WAIT FOR Yahweh’s PROMISES. Habakkuk chose not to complain like he did in the first two chapters. And in chapter 3, when Habakkuk opened again his mouth, it is to glorify and remember the goodness of Yahweh. Habakkuk’s profession of faith found in Habakkuk 3:17-19 showed how he deeply trust Yahweh’s provision, strength and presence even if his source of food and livelihood diminish.


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