Day 23 Preconceived thoughts about Music Team

This ministry, I believe is the most useful ministry of them all. Not to demean the other ministries but for me, this ministry nonstops glorifies Yahweh and Lord Jesus Christ’s name in every possible way. I know that making disciples and seeking the lost is a good ministry but for me worshipping Jesus’ name in a form of songs highly pleases Him. Cause in the end, after this earthly life, all Lord Jesus Christ’s true believers will NONSTOP WORSHIP JESUS’ NAME at His footstool.

Here are my personal thoughts and observations about the Music Ministry.

1. Worship in the form of music is the highest form of worship. Even David highly takes note of this by making melodies and writing songs for Yahweh. And while worshipping Yahweh, there are times that the Psalmist David is able to prophesy. And also through singing worhsip songs, a person can readily experience the moving power of the Holy Spirit of Yahweh which is very true cause it happened to me several times.

2. It needs an incredible talent to get accepted in Music Ministry. I have learned from a friend for someone to enter Music Ministry that person needs to audition. In auditioning, that person should know how to harmonize and hit the right notes and it is an edge if that person knows how to play any of the instruments like guitar, bass guitar, piano and drums. Personally I wanted to join a Music Ministry. But because of lack of talent, confidence and commitment, I didn’t pursued it. Instead I pursued writing blogs and wanting to be a medical doctor. And also I don’t know how to sing in its technical aspects like harmonzing really well, being able to sing the notes from a musical sheet (I know how to read but I don’t know how to sing it from scratch unless I hear somebody sing it and I follow their tune). And the sad thing, I don’t know how to play any of the instruments I said above.

3. Another thing is the Music Ministry ahould be able to lead in worship and prayer. This might sound easy but this is not easy as it seems to be. It needs hours of dedication of practice and being in unison with the band to effectively lead the congregation of believers. Also, it needs a dedicated heart to worship in front of the Church. And I can’t commit myself to that because I am planning to pursue medical school. And if indeed I tried to audition and be a member and yet I leave prematurely, what a sure head ache to the pastor and to the other members that would be.

4. It is a calling. True enough each person has a different function to the Body of Christ. I had a dream before. I was told to sing. I decline. What a heart ache to Yahweh that would have been. And now because I have become dedicated to writing, Yahweh described me in the dream as “master typist” because I write blogs more often than sing.

5. And personally I get attracted to worship leaders or singers. When I was in Victory Ubelt, I had a crush on this worship leader. He sang very well. And for me I get attracted to him physically even though he is not Caucasian looking enough. I always look forward to seeing him sing in the youth services I attended some weeks and it saddens me he only became a worship leader for just that year 2014. And I don’t know what has become of him or his name was. And because I am just a face in the crowd, that kind of love will never prosper. Another crush is in my former Church were I got water baptized. At first I didn’t know he was a member of the Music Team and I was shock to know that he can sing really well. Added to the fact I would never dare to joined that Music Team is because of him. I told Yahweh that I can never have ulterior motives in joining a ministry. I can’t join a ministry if the purpose is because my crush belongs to that ministry. That is not God’s will is. If a person should join a ministry, it should be because that person wants to lay down his or her life and not to stalk his or her crush. And now I think that guy never knew me. Again I am just a face in the crowd. Forever just a face in the crowd (sounds bitter but true).
I may not lead the Church in singing worship songs but I am contended in my heart to be able to sing with fellow believers by just being a face in the crowd and from singing from my heart and mind 100% thanksgiving offering to Yahweh.


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