Day 25 Preconceived thoughts about Sunday school teachers

Others called this Sunday school for kids. And yet others called it Kid’s Church. And there are others who called it Next Gen.
People who are part of this ministry have background in education or teaching courses. I was never been a part of any Sunday school while growing up in my early childhood like elementary because I was still a Catholic back then. And also this is a ministry who loves or able to be friendly with kids or little children. I have a friend who is a Sunday school teacher. She arrives really early to the Church and either she attends a service first or she teaches in the Sunday school. And being a Sunday school teacher is not as easy peasy like ushering ministry. I have learned that in Victory Kids Church, they should have documents like NBI clearance as a requirement to volunteering. Nothing wrong with that but it is like applying to be a real tutor or teacher but no financial compensation whatsoever. And I have heard from a guy who testified in the Church that being a Sunday school teacher is not easy. He reasoned out that it is his responsibility to instill the right teachings and values the kids should learn in their formative years so that when they grow up they will be true servants of Christ. He also stress that he needed to be careful in whatever he shows to the kids because he is like a role model to them.

I have a new leader (in CCF Cainta). She is a Sunday school teacher. I thought before I should try out Sunday school ministry because my new leader is a member of that ministry and I thought it was all easy. Until I heard the testimony of my churchmate about his experience as a Sunday school teacher, I have learned it is a calling. Not all can bear the responsibilities or weight entailed as being a Sunday school teacher. And I have realized I don’t have anything it takes to be a Sunday school teacher because it is not my true passion. My true passion still remains in singing worship songs from the heart.


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