Day 27 Hinulog Hulog Bicol Delicacy

Hi! Today is Day 27 out of 1000 days blog challenge.

I have been in Bicol specifically in Naga City living with my aunt’s house for more or less than two weeks now. So my mother is Bicolana. Up until I came here in Bicol did I learn a Bicol delicacy called “Hinulog Hulog”. In english, it roughly means “Fallen fallen”. I don’t know why they call it that way. So this sweet delicacy is for merienda or snacks. And I was told this is great appetizer for people who lack enough sleep. 

This delicacy is composed of sticky rice balls. I think it was made from rice flour made into small dough-like balls and boiled with the soup. The soup is primarily water and LOTS OF GINGER. So this delicacy is sweet and spicy because of the ginger. And since I am half-Bicolana, I learned how to eat spicy foods. 


©Rina, the sticky rice balls are shown


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