Day 30 The woman at Bethany

As I read into Matthew 26, I have realized something new. In verses 6-13

Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper,There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as He sat at meat.But when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste?For this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor.When Jesus understood it, He said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me.For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her.

Verse 13 is especially striking. Lord Jesus Christ commanded His disciples if they were to retold His story they should include the story of the woman at Bethany.

I have read the gospels over and over again but before this story didn’t strike me. And yet Lord Jesus Christ wanted His disciples to recount this simple encounter. And I have learned that Lord Jesus Christ wanted His disciples to learn that fellowship with Lord Jesus Christ is more important than being with the poor. 

In Deuteronomy 15:11, Yahweh said that the poor will never cease in the land. That means no matter what, as long as there is this earth, there will always be atleast one poor person. 

And because Yahweh said there will always be abundance of poor people, it shows how valuable the ONE AND ONLY AND NO OTHER LORD JESUS CHRIST! 

But even if Lord Jesus is far more valuable than poor people doesn’t give us the license to ignore and be negligent of helping the poor. It just points us back to Matthew 6:33 to seek first God and His righteousness. And Jesus Christ is God and He is our righteousness. 

And in the story above, some of Christ’s disciples strongly repulsed the woman. It showed that some of His disciples, more than helping the poor, values money than his friendship with Christ. And the woman on the other hand wanted to be intimate with Lord Jesus Christ. With the story, Lord Jesus Christ wants us to choose between Him or money. Helping the poor is great. But our motives will show if we are doing this for Lord Jesus or we are motivated by making money. Spending or investing anything for Lord Jesus is a fruitful venture than other investments.


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