Day 32 Chapter study: Jacob or Israel’s dying moments 

Genesis 48-49 were my devotional many days ago.

These chapters recount Israel’s dying moments in the presence of his family. 
It is amazing how faithful Jacob has been to Yahweh. Jacob lived 147 years. And all throughout those years, Jacob learned how to fear Yahweh from his youth until old age. Who in the world could live so long and be strongly intimate with Yahweh? I think the people who get to live really long at this generation are generally those who don’t have intimate relationship with Yahweh. And those who tried to faithfully walk with Yahweh, die early. Anyway, Jacob’s attitude in his death bed I find very pleasing and this is what this blog post is about. 

I bet no one is as strong as Jacob when he was on his death bed. My maternal grandmother is 72. She has a lot of diseases. And she fears of dying. And that’s why she gets hospitalized more frequently these days. But Jacob did not fear death even on his death bed because he has experienced the full of measure of life by making Yahweh his Shepherd all through out his life. It was not David who first declared that Yahweh was his Shepherd but Jacob. 

Imagine, Jacob a very old man died 147 years old. At his death bed, he still had the strength to sit up though his eyes were very dim. He still has the strength to swear and speak of the goodness of Yahweh and prophecy so many things to Joseph’s sons and to his 11 other sons. Aside from prophesying through giving last words of blessing, Jacob can still remember the iniquity his sons Reuben, Simeon and Levi had committed. And just before Jacob breathed his last, he gave last instructions on where to be buried. Then it’s amazing he died peacefully. Maybe he had a cardiac arrest and then his heart has stopped beating.

I don’t know how I will encounter death in the future. I don’t know if my dying moments will be pleasing or will be painful. But one thing is certain, all creatures will face a certain kind of death. And after death, either eternal life or eternal punishment. That is why as long as the person is still breathing and his or her heart is still beating, he or she SHOULD MAKE YAHWEH HIS OR HER SHEPHERD.


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