Day 35 Jesus’ Hebrew name

Hi there! Today is Day 35 out of 1000 days blog challenge.

I wanted to share my testimony in using Jesus’ Hebrew name in prayer.

Lord Jesus Christ’s Hebrew name is Yehoshua. I am not a Bible scholar. So if you want to know the history of the name just go search it in google. But the thing I will testify in this blog is that He answers even if I use His Hebrew name.

This morning, I woke up with a very painful left hand with an intense prickling sensation because my left hand’s blood circulation was squeezed by my body. By the way most of the time I sleep sideways which at times leaves my hands numb if left that way. And I took the opportunity to test Lord Jesus Christ if He can answer me using His Hebrew name “Yehoshua”. So I prayed “Yahweh please heal my left hand in Yehoshua’s name”. I sincerely wanted to test Lord Jesus Christ if He will heal me even if I use His Hebrew name. And also for me to know first hand if He still loves me even though I fail. And though it was not instant, I felt His Holy Spirit (menthol feeling) touched my left hand after A MINUTE or less. And TAKE NOTE, I DIDN’T MOVE ALL THROUGHT OUT (which means while I prayed the pain was so real!) BECAUSE I WANTED TO SEE IF MY PRAYER WAS ANSWERED. INDEED HE ANSWERED. And after I felt His healing touch working out, I silently repeated Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah many times more!

P.S. This testimony is true. If you don’t believe me, well start believing.


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