Day 38 Hosea 10:12


©Rina Hosea 10:12

In times a person prospers, he or she should not forget Yahweh who made him or her rich/fruitful.

In times of prosperity or poverty, let your hearts remain pure and true.

Yahweh chooses whom He wants in the government because that is His will.

Following earthly government reflects our fear of Yahweh, to the One who is unseen.

Whatever is sowed, it shall surely reap.

Righteousness reaps steadfast love.

But sin reaps injustices and lies.

Trusting one’s way or instincts is an act of pride than trusting in the One who holds your life even in the greatest odds.

Pride reaps utter destruction. It ruins a nation. 
(P.S. It seems illogical but the key points above are my summary for the whole chapter 10 of Hosea. So please read Hosea 10 so you’ll understand.)


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