Day 46 Chapter study: Exodus 14

Yahweh’s great salvation was shown in this chapter. For me crossing the Red Sea was the most climatic part of the Exodus book. Even in movies that dramatized the book of Exodus, dividing and crossing the Red Sea is the part I always look forward to.

Many would not believed this miracle at the Red Sea. Many would not believe that Yahweh is capable of controlling the nature at His whim just for the chosen people He loves and favors. 

Exodus 14 recounts the story of how the people of Israel has finally been allowed by Pharaoh to get out of Egypt after the presentation and judgments of the 10 plagues. And Yahweh knows what He is doing. Yahweh has chosen the wilderness path leading to the Red Sea instead of the short cut easy path which was the land of the Philistines. Sometimes the short cut easy path is not the path Yahweh wants for us. Sometimes we need to take the long rocky road in the hope of first changing our mindsets and attitudes than getting to the destination very easily. Yahweh wants us to change ourselves first before we get the reward which is the ‘Promised Land’.  Because if we did not change our mindsets and attitudes and we take the short cut easy path; even if we received the promise, our lives will seem to be unchanged and as if we were still slaves. We need to change our “slave mindset” into a “victorious mindset”. And despite taking the long rocky road, Yahweh will surely lead the way not only by day but also by night just as He did with the Israelites through the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire. 

Yahweh knows that His chosen people are still afraid and still has the slave mindset. That is why He leads them into the wilderness so that they won’t wage war because since they were slaves, they don’t know how to fight and be victorious. So Yahweh fought the battle they couldn’t win. Even to this day, there are battles we couldn’t fight even so we couldn’t win. And I thank Yahweh that He fights the battles I couldn’t win. 

Pharaoh’s hardened heart is Yahweh’s doing. So if there are evil people prevailing, sometimes it is Yahweh’s doing to bring out His good purposes. And in the case with the egyptians, it is to demonstrate Yahweh’s power and authority that will be remembered for thousands of years. Isn’t it amazing that Yahweh’s story of deliverance for Israel thousands of years ago is still being retold over and over even in this generation?

When the people of Israel saw they are trapped because at their front is the seemingly endless Red Sea and at their back are blood thirsty egyptian warriors. Sometimes when we get trapped and lost hope in our situation, we can grumble against Yahweh and His chosen servant. But Yahweh rebuked His people through Moses by saying 

And Moses said unto the people, “Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”

Yahweh can still continue to rebuke the people who hold fast to Him even to this day. Yahweh encourages us not to be afraid, to be still, see His mighty hand doing the job and be silent and not grumble. Holding one’s peace means we should not grumble and close our mouths. Because out of one’s mouth, we could speak life or death, blessing or curses. 

And here comes the exciting part, Yahweh instructs Moses on what to do with the Red Sea from verses 15 to 29. Yahweh instructs Moses to use his staff, stretch out his hand and divide the Red Sea. Take note, there are NO MAGICAL POWERS IN MOSES’ STAFF! Miracles happened because Moses obeyed the voice of Yahweh. So anyone can divide and conquer their own “Red sea’s” as long as they will LISTEN AND OBEY THE VOICE OF YAHWEH. 

Skeptics and atheists would say, how can a staff divide the Red Sea. Well there is a scientific explanation to it. Take note, SCIENCE DOES NOT DISCREDIT THE EXISTENCE OF GOD BUT PROVES THAT THERE IS GOD. And that God is Yahweh. Being a scientist myself even though I don’t practice my undergrad course, I am amazed that science proves Yahweh’s creations. The Red Sea was divided because of the strong east wind as shown in Exodus 14:21. How strong was the wind no one can tell exactly how much. But there are scientists who said it was more than 1000 kph. Woah that is a very strong wind. A strong typhoon can get to be 200 kph. How much more a 1000 kph? It could really dry up the Red Sea at that rate. But even with a very strong east wind, it amazes me how that wind didn’t harmed the people of Israel. Because I believe if you get hit with wind moving at velocity more than 1000 kph, a person can get thrown very far away and might get torn into pieces. And yet not one of the Israelites who crossed the Red Sea got harmed. But all the egyptian warriors who pursued trying to get to cross in the Red Sea perished.

And Israel saw that great work [power] which the LORD [Yahweh] did upon the Egyptians: and the people feared the LORD [Yahweh], and believed the LORD [Yahweh], and his servant Moses.

All for the glory of Yahweh!


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