Day 47 Harpazo-ed

Hi there!  

In Greek Bible, harpazo is several times used for the English word “steal” or “rob”. Other Bible scholars used this Greek word as a reference for the term “rapture”. I don’t know if I should believe in rapture but that is not what I will share in this blog.

Last January 22, 2016, my aunt’s house in Naga City was robbed. 

Me and my mom were in the hospital to watch my grandmother at the time of the robbery.

My aunts went to Legazpi City to do business errands and Naga City to Legazpi City takes 2-3 hours travel time. And my aunt forgot to go back to her house first and make everything secure and especially she forgot to turn on the outdoor lights. 

©Rina, It was full moon that night.
©Rina, It was that dark in my aunt’s street.

©Rina, My aunt’s house is isolated from the rest of the houses in the village and before we came, the outdoor light was not lit. And in the picture, the outdoor light is lighted.

Prior to the day of the robbery (that is January 21, 2016), my mom and I stayed in my aunt’s house to sleep overnight. So basically I left my netbook in my aunt’s room that morning of January 22 not knowing that the history of her house has been robbed 2 times already! And my mother’s hunch was that I should not leave any valuables at all because she knows the history of my aunt’s house and she never told me before until the incident happened. So being hard headed and very ignorant, I left my netbook which was put inside in a Forever 21 ecobag because it was heavy for my backpack. Also that morning, I had the bad feeling if I was really making a wise decision to leave my netbook because my mom kept pestering me not to leave my netbook without giving me a logical reason like the history of robbery. And despite feeling a bad feeling and I asked Yahweh what it is, I still didn’t get the logical reason from Yahweh. I thought ‘All is Well’. And I was wrong.

When my aunt’s didn’t go early from Legazpi City to take us home from the hospital because they have the car and the house keys, 10 pm of January 22, I was already highly exhausted and my inside felt like crumbling or melting. My knees couldn’t get steady and I complained to my mom and to my dad through phone if we could get home already at my aunt’s house. And maybe at that time the crime was committed. 
When we finally went home at past 12 midnight (that’s already January 23, 2016) me, my mom and aunts, we found the gate perfectly fine and it was really dark. But the main door was locked from the inside and the driver couldn’t open the door. Then the grille for the window near the front main door has been jacked. Then my mom went to gather the dry clothes hanging in the garden. And I found my black UNIQLO long sleeves on the ground. I complained to my mom why was my shirt on the ground getting dirtied while her clothes hanged securely. Then the driver and my aunt went away very afraid from the main door because maybe the suspects were still inside the house. My mom hurried outside too. And here I was, angry yet confused but not afraid, I followed them outside the house gates. Then my mom told my aunts if the suspect was still in the house, maybe he had a gun. So they were afraid. But I was sincerely not afraid maybe somewhere I knew, the suspects were already gone from the house. So my aunt, the owner of the house that has been robbed called the president of the village to call a police. So they went off and after several minutes, a police came. He inspects the surroundings and we were able to enter the robbed house, and there were scattered dirt and things inside the house! My aunt’s room has been robbed! And her room’s door has been destroyed. My ₽21,000 Acer netbook was stolen from my aunt’s room. I thought her room is secure and I was wrong. The robbers main target is always the MASTER’S ROOM! After some time, the police suggested we should go to the police station to blotter. And that was my first time to blotter in my entire life even though my name was not listed because I am not the owner of the house. My aunt lose her gadgets, ₽10,000 worth of cash and short change and some jewelries. 

My weariness, fatigue, and sleepiness were all lost ever since the house was robbed. After the blotter, I didn’t ever cry for that entire night. The only things I felt were anger, mini heart attack and extreme stomach ache (and I felt the intense urge of hunger). While my mom couldn’t stop to pee. And my thoughts for the robbers were my identity has been stolen and Yahweh will judge them and punish them. 

The next day, my mom washed my black UNIQLO long sleeves shirt and she found cut marks made by knife. The robbers were total psychos! Why would you destroy a pitiful branded shirt? Why?! So I was extremely angry that the robbers destroyed my shirt more than they stealing my netbook.

My Acer netbook was no longer high end but ofcourse the important things are its files. I have plenty of worship songs, Christian movies, Christian files, my pictures, and other personal informations. And all of those memories are now lost!!! When I reminisce the robbery incident, my memories of my college days are all gone! And that makes me cry right now. 

I didn’t inform my dad that same night because maybe he was sleeping and I don’t want to cause a heart attack to him. I told my dad the next day that someone broke into my aunt’s house and stole my Acer netbook with them. 

And now my Acer netbook is lost, I am not gonna buy or asked my parents to buy a new netbook or laptop.

©Rina, Evidence of the crime. The grille of the window was jacked.
©Rina, Evidence of the crime. Possible foot prints of the suspects.
©Rina, Evidence of the crime. Broken window from the inside view.
©Rina, My aunt’s Master Bed room. And her door was destroyed.
©Rina, The place where I left my netbook in my aunt’s room. I just placed it on the floor.
©Rina, Possible point of entry by stepping on the dog cage
©Rina, Possible point of entry by stepping on that wooden fence near the dog cage.


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