Day 56 Dealing with my own ‘Absalom’

Hi there!

Do you know Absalom?

He is King David’s son from a pagan princess. He is the brother of Tamar, the daughter of King David who was raped by his half brother Amnon.

He is also the one who rebelled against his father and forcefully took the Kingdom of the united Israel from his father’s hand.

He is also the one who defiled his father’s concubines by having sex with them in public.

Unfortunately he died by hanging on a tree. Cursed is anyone hanged on a tree.

He is so wicked that simply knowing his background that a pagan princess brought him up is enough to say he was a great sinner.

But King David, a man after Yahweh’s heart wept and mourn for Absalom when King David learned of his death. 

Why did King David mourned for him despite forcefully taking away his kingdom?

King David knew that even if he lose the kingdom and died, he is righteous before Yahweh’s eyes and King David will be with Yahweh.

But Absalom, he never knew Yahweh. That is why he did so many wicked things.

There are people in my life who are like Absalom. People like my mother and my brother. People like most of my relatives and my former classmates. People like my neighbors.

They are the people worth mourning for because Yahweh’s wrath burns hot against them.

And I don’t know what’s in store for people like them, for people like Absalom. Even if Absalom was a son of a God-fearing king, he did not get saved. How much more ordinary people like us? It is not easy to persuade people like Absalom even if I am God fearing.

I may not know how Yahweh will continue to reach out to these hard headed people in my life. And maybe I might just cry like what King David did for his son.

But I know in myself and I am confident that despite me falling into temptations, I will enter Yahweh’s rest because I have a relationship and fellowship with Lord Jesus Christ. And He will never forsake me.


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