Day 57 Faith as spiritual currency

Hi there!

It is said that with faith we could please Yahweh. Faith is spiritual. It can’t be seen readily, but its fruit is good works. With faith, we can have access to Yahweh’s great power whatever the request maybe as long as its in line with Yahweh’s will.

And I found this website inspiring in dealing with this issue of faith as spiritual currency:

Faith: Heaven’s Currency – Michael Meyers

And to summarize the things I have learned from this site, below are my realizations on how to have great faith.

To have great faith:

  • Breaking physical boundaries (language,ethnicity,social status,geography) to reach Christ
  • To trust in the Word and the character of Jesus as faithful God
  • Able to say a ready answer with conviction and confidence (no single thought of doubt)
  • Simply believe

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