Day 58 Pearl of the orient sea

Hi there!

Philippines is the “Pearl of the Orient Sea”. I love my nation because it’s a beautiful country. There are vast riches Yahweh endowed on these islands but sadly aggressive countries oppress this nation because of its riches. Despite the country having a lot of poor people, it just holds on to the fact that there are poor people in every nation in every continent (Deuteronomy 15:11) And a person should not worry because Yahweh is Provider.

One of my dreams right now is to able to go to Puerto Princesa in the west side of Philippines. There are a lot of beautiful beaches there. And most of all its the source of SOUTH SEA PEARLS! One of the rarest spot to grow south sea pearls together with Indonesia and Australia because of the warm sea water. And pearls takes a total of 5 years to harvest (1-2 years to grow the clams, 2-3 years inoculation and growth of pearls under warm sea water). And one clam makes one pearl (but in the wild it can actually have many pearls but smaller ones). 

So I live in a country dubbed as “Pearl of the Orient Sea”, and it is saddening to know that most Filipinos don’t even own atleast one authentic south sea pearl (whatever the color maybe). Part of my ambition is to own a real south sea pearl jewelry. I know the price of south sea pearl in high end jewelry stores (like Jewelmer) ranged a thousand dollars (maybe $2000-3000+). That’s how valuable south sea pearls are! And since I have researched on how to get cheaper but REAL south sea pearls which cost a hundred dollars or so, I have learned you can buy it from the source-Puerto Princesa! 

I have not went to Puerto Princesa ever in my life but I want to go there and buy some cheaper but real gold pearls. A person may not get the perfect kinds of pearls (because Jewelmer-a high end pearl jewelry maker gets the best gold pearls and the locals only get the reject or baroque shaped gold pearls). And there are souvenir or local jewelry shops in Puerto Princesa which sells (reject/baroque) south sea pearls. 

It is written in one of Lord Jesus Christ’s parables

Matthew 13:45-46 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:Who, when He had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that He had, and bought it.

I thought Lord Jesus was exaggerating on the price of one pearl but I learned that is super expensive! 

But you know what is also rare and expensive? Getting saved by grace. Although you have nothing to do or pay for to get salvation, but since the devil so devious and very very cunning, the devil can make you believe many sorts of lies; therefore discrediting you from receiving salvation.

Just like in a Hillsong song entitled “Unending Love” :

🎶🎶There’s no silver or gold
And no treasure (like gold pearls) untold
That could draw me away from Your (Yahweh’s/Lord Jesus Christ’s) heart
Neither love of myself
Or of anyone else will do
Jesus nothing compares
To this grace that rescues me
Savior now and forever
Your face is all I seek🎶🎶


Screenshot from Jewelmer South Sea Gold Pearl (ain’t that a beauty?) [If Yahweh wills it I also want a pair of gold pearls]

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