Day 59 DIY Coffee Cellulite Scrub

Hi there!

I have a lot of cellulites in my legs. And I guess who doesn’t? I have tried Watsons stretchmark remover before but it didn’t remove my stretchmarks/cellulites (they are the same thing because its fat cells which causes the wrinkles on the skin) but it made my skin moisturized.

So I look into youtube and found Ela Gale’s and Michelle Phan’s diy videos very helpful.

Basically I used 100% arabica coffee which I ground with my coffee grinder (I have a coffee grinder because I used it in my college thesis experiments). You could use either freshly ground coffee (never been made for coffee drinks) or already used coffee. And I mixed in some olive oil as the liquid component of this scrub. And I massaged on the desired area.


©Rina, my DIY COFFEE CELLULITE SCRUB (coffee + olive oil)
So far I have used it twice already but the results are not instant. But the olive oil made my skin healthy and moisturized! 

Therefore I’ll be buying more of olive oil and I will no longer buy lotions! 


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