Day 62 Poem: Health Formula

Hi there! 

While waiting for my turn to be in the dentist chair, I found this poem posted in my dentist’s wall. So I did not wrote this poem.

It goes like this:

“Health Formula”

Live soberly
And sleep early

Dream beautifully
Pray fervently
Work joyfully

Learn eagerly
Sing vibrantly
Do exercise daily

Love affectionately
Bear wrongs patiently
Forgive unconditionally 

Give generously
Receive gratefully
See positively

Speak prudently
Grow gracefully
Leave cheerfully 

With Jesus Christ

-by fr. pete bari, ssp

There you have it. Seven stanzas with three lines each. 

I love the theme of the poem but sadly the author is a Catholic. And the “Alleluia” used is the latin version of the hebrew “HalleluYAH” or “Praise Yahweh!”

I doubt that Catholics could truly live up to this way of living as said in the poem. If it was a born again Christian whose life is based on the Bible because the Word of Yahweh is the STANDARD FOR LIVING, maybe the things said in the poem would be EFFORTLESS. And true enough with Yahweh’s Holy Spirit, we could be more Christ like and be more healthy in the lifestyle choices we can make.


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