Day 65 Me as a Speaker

Hi there! 

March is the month for graduation for some schools….

So someone invited me to be a speaker in a commencement exercises to introduce a guest speaker (a local politician) who will actually give the ‘real speech’ in my aunt’s school somewhere in Bicol province [I can’t say exactly ’cause of privacy issues]. 

At first, when my mom told me this I was totally in unbelief. Then the thought sinks in further until I am finally convinced to give my best shot.

The actual commencement exercises will be next week. So I’ll be in Bicol province again.

To prepare for being a speaker to introduce the guest speaker, I practiced walking on my 4.5 inch high heels for 1000+ steps. And good thing my mom has a copy of the script for the introduction. And oh boy, the introduction is so long! Anyway, I need to give my best shot for my family.

Please pray for me I’ll be stunningly good in my public speaking and for sure Yahweh will bless you in Jesus’ name!


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