Day 71 Nuggets of Learning: Numbers 9

Hi there! 

Yesterday my blog was about the things I learned in Numbers 8.

Just a recap, I thought Numbers is all about census but there are more things than ‘numbers’.

So Numbers 9 is all about celebrating the Passover for the first time I think (that was 2nd year after exodus from Egypt) and their journey towards the desert whenever the cloud hovering over the tabernacle is lifted.

So for Numbers 9, I have two favorite verses which I like to share in my blog today. 

First off is verse 14.

Numbers 9:14 “You shall have ONE STATUTE both for the sojourner and for the native.”

I love this verse 14 because it reflected the character of Yahweh through His law about the Passover. Yahweh said the Passover should be celebrated whether you are a native Israelite or a foreigner/sojourner of the land. And I saw that Yahweh’s character is impartiality. Yahweh makes no distinction and makes no excuses especially if it is related to His law and about justice. And because Yahweh is not bias, Yahweh is a Righteous Judge. Aside from Yahweh’s impartiality, I saw Yahweh’s desire for unity whether you are a Hebrew or Gentile. In modern times, Hebrews are no longer distinct. And people have become a mixed race-Gentiles. And for people who WANTS/DESIRES to love/obey/trust Yahweh, you don’t need to be born from this certain race. Therefore, Yahweh shows no racial discrimination!

What an awesome God Yahweh is!

My another favorite verse is verse 23. 

Numbers 9:23 At the commandment of Yahweh they (Israel) camped and at the command of Yahweh they (Israel) set out. They kept the charge of Yahweh, at the command of Yahweh by Moses.

It is evident in this verse how the people of Israel obeyed Yahweh. 

King Solomon once said in Proverbs that the number 1 duty of man is to fear Yahweh. And for humans to fear Yahweh, we need to OBEY Yahweh! Obedience is a must. And a lot of people fail to obey Yahweh’s Word that’s why it is saddening for me that a lot of people would be raised up in Judgment Day just to be strike down and be killed a second time (second death) but would never die. Such a horrible punishment for those who  disobey or hate Yahweh. 


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