Day 73 Finally! Me as a Speaker (part 2)

Hi there!

In my previous blog post “Day 65 Me as a Speaker”, I wrote that I would be an introductory speaker to the guest speaker of the commencement exercise in my aunt’s school.

A while ago afternoon at 4pm, the commencement exercises started. I wore my “recycled” Filipiñana gown I wore when I graduated from my Bachelor’s degree.

Before the commencement exercise, my aunts hired a make up artist.

©Rina, me without any make up but my hair is in the process of curling🙂
©Rina, after my make up

The guest speaker my aunts invited was Honorable Imelda A.Papin. In my previous blog post “Day 65 Me as a Speaker”, I wrote there the guest speaker was the current Vice Governor Peña but sadly I was just misinformed. Anyway, the introductory speech for Honorable Imelda Papin, I wrote on the spot just before he event. I borrowed positive and key informations about her.   

©Rina, my full get-up at the entrance of the event’s hall

Honorable Imelda Papin (who is also a popular celebrity) promise to come by 5pm-5:30pm. Sadly due to her campaigning, she came late by past 5:45pm. And when she finally came, my blood is revived to finally give her the introductory speech I made for her. My script is just one page one paragraph. After I spoke, I handed her the microphone. I was so happy I did my job well! Honorable Imelda Papin complimented me she said I was pretty,talented and she said my introductory speech for her is excellent.

©Rina, me, my aunts and mom, and Honorable Imelda A.Papin (second from the left)

But her coming was short lived. After she gave her speech about the value of education and how she rise from poverty because nothing is impossible with God; she left immediately.

Then the giving out of diplomas and medals continued. And all the while I just sat poker face waiting for the banquet to start.

©Rina, poker face sitting at the stage

And the event last for more than 4hours in the presence of less than 500 people.

What confidence does it take to talk and stand/sit before 400+ people! I thank you Yahweh and Lord Jesus Christ for Your grace!

I survived this nerve wracking day! Hallelujah!

P.S. This is done in rush so forgive me for incoherent story telling! 🙂😉


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