Day 74 Rainbows (Biblical Truth vs LGBT)

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©Rina, typography

I found so many biblical truths about the meaning of rainbows in the Bible based on its use. And it angers me how people carelessly use rainbows or rainbow colors as a symbol for LGBT community. I hate it how people use Yahweh’s creation for perversion. I don’t distinctively hate LGBT people as humans because I respect their free will to choose what they believe. But I hate promiscuous lesbian and promiscuous gay people. Many people’s lives are destroyed one way or another because of that perversion. I am daily surrounded by LGBT people and I DON’T SHAME ANYONE IN PUBLIC. But the contents of this blog about rainbows and LGBT people are my opinion and my insights. I had a classmate who is a promiscuous gay, he had already sex with countless men and he is a Roman Catholic. He once asked me “do you believe in God?” And I said “yes”. He asked me what he should do so that he could be “born again”. And I told him he should change from his promiscuity and perversion. And his response was he got highly offended. And I stand for what I believe even if it offended a lot of my classmates.


©Rina, Here is the Biblical truth about the symbol of Rainbows


In conclusion, we should look into the Bible before we use this symbolism which is part of God’s wonderful manifold creations. And the ideas and schemas that link LGBT community with rainbow colors is a false cause and highly misuse/shaming/blasphemy against Yahweh’s creation.

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