Day 75 My 2nd visit to my aunt’s school’s Commencement Exercises 

Hi there!

At the moment this evening I am at the hotel celebrating the 4th Commencement Exercises of my aunt’s school (another branch).

I am currently seating at the stage (at the writing of this blog).

By the way, I am not rich and my aunt’s school isn’t as popular as the big 4 universities in the Philippines.

I can’t seem to find a better topic today but I will share my thoughts as the one seating at the presidential chair by the stage at a Commencement Exercise.

The stage isn’t that big.

I got the eyes of 600+ people on me because I am also at the stage.

Cameras flash here and there.

Stage lights flashed before my eyes.

I could feel the vibrations of the sound from the speaker near the stage.

I get to see each student’s attire and shoes up close.

I can’t smile like models do. I am no beauty queen. I don’t even have the assets of a top model. But I am here at the stage as if I am the center of attention.

It is a privilege to sit at the presidential chair at the stage. Not all get to experience this.

While students receive their awards and diploma, I am here writing my blog in my smartphone hidden in my mother’s purse.

My mom and aunt gave their respective speeches for tonight.

The regional director gave his inspirational speech as guest speaker.

The top 1 of the batch gave her speech. She is a working student and a mom of two children. She cited me as the daughter of the OIC President but my name she got it wrong. Despite the wrong name she spoke of me, I find her speech true to the heart and very emotional. I found that the education they got from my maternal’s side vocational school was highly important for them. Therefore I can’t shame her or any of today’s graduates even in my mind.

And now I am like a chair flower instead of wall flower.


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