Day 80 Eternal Life

Hi there!

I just got back to my home from Bicol. 

Yesterday I couldn’t keep my mind from thinking John 17. In that chapter, Lord Jesus Christ said the only two qualifications to receive the gift of eternal life from John 17:3.

  1. Know and believe in Yahweh as the Only One True Creator God of all
  2. Believe that Yahweh sent His One and Only Son Lord Jesus Christ to do the works Yahweh has tasked Him to do

The only one task is believe. And before you believe, you must first know. And it centers on two persons both as Creator: Yahweh the Father and Lord Jesus Christ, Yahweh’s Son.

Yahweh’s requirement is so simple, all people from different backgrounds could do it. But since we are living in a broken world where Satan and his demons are working hard to deceive many people, believing as the Bible said or as Lord Jesus Christ said is becoming even more difficult. 

There are people like Catholics who believe in Father Yahweh and Lord Jesus Christ but still hold on to other idols. That should not be! Yahweh is a Jealous God, He wants solid worship of Him and His Son alone! No more mix worships.

And I believe eternal life is the greatest gift and source of joy a person could receive.

For the past days, I have been blessed by Yahweh through people around me. Yahweh used my relatives to give me free food and lodging. Yahweh used my biological father to help me raise money for my Medicine and for a car (so that it will be easy for my family to go to Cavite). Yahweh has blessed me with so many clothes. Yes those clothes are just ukay or from the thrift store but hey I found really nice clothes from there. And for me that gives me happiness. Yahweh has blessed me with the knowledge that there are cheap beauty products like DIY calamansi/tomato (whitening/astringent/toner) and the likes of Palmolive products. Yahweh has blessed my bus trips from and to Bicol because my transportation fare is always on discount (going to Bicol last March 10 was ₽500 and from Bicol last March 22 was ₽400). I realized Yahweh has been giving me so many blessings in this temporal life.

How much more is the eternal life for those people who truly trust in Lord Jesus Christ’s name, words and deeds?


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