Day 81 DIY Tomato Toner

Hi there!

Tomatoes 🍅 are one of those ‘fruits’ that help keep a healthy looking skin. It’s so rich with a lot of vitamins, minerals and phytochemical properties. Many DIY beauty experts use tomatoes instead of lemon because tomatoes are gentler on the face than lemons. So tomatoes can help lighten skin, fight acne (not sure on this), regulate oil of the face and tightens pores. It need not be a bright red ripe tomatoes. A tomato with a bit of orange hues will also do the trick.

This tomato diy recipe is not my original. Check out these sites:


So basically, blend the tomatoes in a blender. You should add a liquid component to it like honey so that it will be easier to blend tomatoes. I used plain water and a bit of olive oil (and that’s my own improvisation). Then put the purée in a bottle. I put mine in a used water bottle. For it not to perish or grow black molds, I put the bottle with the tomato purée in the refrigerator.

To use this tomato purée on the face, just dab it on a cotton.

So I put some on my face. After several minutes on my face, I felt a tightening feeling. And since I just used it last night, I can’t give a testimony if my skin lightened or my pimples erased. But definitely I can feel my skin tightening.

Additional fact, the oil in the tomato can fight off some strains of bacteria because of the acids in it. Reference is this:

So why not make food your beauty regimen? After all you are what you eat!


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