Day 86 Manslayer or Murderer?

Hi there!

My yesterday’s devotional from my ESV Bible included Numbers 35.

Numbers 35 is about allocating 48 cities for the Levites and 6 of which will be cities of refuge for the manslayer or murderer.

So I found the topic on cities of refuge very interesting because it shows how Yahweh judges righteously. 

Manslayer and murderer have one commonality: a person was killed and blood was shed on the land.

But Yahweh makes a distinction between a manslayer and a murderer. A manslayer unintentionally kills a person through bizarre circumstances. Murderer wants to kill, plans to kill, well prepared for killing, uses iron/stone/wood that can kill a person.

So the main difference is man’s intentions.

It’s amazing how Yahweh looks more in the intentions of people more than actions done.

So manslayer or murderers can flee to cities of refuge and they needed to be judged before the elders of the cities of refuge to prove their innocence. If they killed unintentionally, they can stay in the city until the high priest died. But if the person was proven to be a murderer, that person shall be executed so the land would be cleanse.

A murderer can’t be ransomed. A manslayer can’t leave the city of refuge because the avenger of blood may kill him.

But good thing we are living in modern times where in Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins and now He lives forever victorious! Because of what Lord Jesus Christ did for us, even if you are a murderer, as long as you believe in Lord Jesus Christ and repent, you will be ransomed from death and be saved!

And even if you kill a person unintentionally whether in your thoughts or physically done it, as long as you are already in Lord Jesus Christ, no avenger of blood will come to kill you because you have crossed from death into life!

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