Day 88 Sons of Cain, distinguished craftsmen

Hi there!

Cain was the first man ever born from a woman’s womb.

After Cain murdered his brother, he had a family and built a city. The first ever city on earth is Enoch City. And down the line of Cain’s descendants are Jabal, father of tent dwellers and livestock owner, Jubal, father of lyre and pipe musician, Tubal-cain, forger of all instruments of bronze and iron.

So Cain bore many descendants after he killed Abel even before Seth could be born.

What made me got interested in the sons of Cain? It’s because they all get renowned with their skills even before the righteous line of Seth could ever exist on earth. 

And it made me wonder why the sons of Cain made names for themselves while Seth’s descendants don’t have any at that time. Then it hit me, Seth was not even born when Jabal, Jubal and Tubal-cain became famous for their works which were number 6 from Cain.

And during Cain’s descendants flourishing the earth, they have not called on Yahweh’s name ever since Yahweh rejected Cain’s offering. By the way, the descendants of Cain are all unrighteous because they all follow the way of lifestyle of Cain.

So where did Cain’s descendants learn about making tents, playing instruments and forging weapons? Ofcourse they didn’t receive it directly from demons. Humans in itself has the capacity to invent things out of necessity because that is what Yahweh has placed in mankind despite being a sinner.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

And considering humans before Noah’s flood have long lives and super healthy bodies because of the abundance of plant-based foods and undamaged atmosphere.

It’s amazing to see how humans advanced very well in Science or in other things ever since man was first created.

Based on Wikipedia,  Tubal-cain may have been the very first artificer in brass and iron. T. C. Mitchell suggests that he “discovered the possibilities of cold forging native copper and meteoric iron.”[4] Tubal-cain has even been described as the first chemist.[5]

So Tubal-cain aside from being a blacksmith, he seems to be the first chemist.

But despite the inventions men made, they forgot to worship the one true Creator God Yahweh.

After Tubal-cain, Eve bore another son in the image and likeness of Adam-Seth who replaced Abel. When Seth built a family, people started calling or worshipping upon Yahweh’s name.

Final note: Even if life seems to be better because of the advancement of science and many man-made inventions, we should not forget to call upon the name of Yahweh and Lord Jesus Christ.


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