Day 93 Luke 7:36-50 Forgiven much, Loves much

Hi there!

In my recent blog post “Day 87 Something worth valuable: zeal or devotion for Lord Jesus Christ”, I also recount the same story about a woman who is a sinner and poured over an expensive perfume over Lord Jesus Christ.

In this blog post, I will recount the same story but in a different new perspective.

In Luke 7:36-50, Lord Jesus Christ told Simon, the Pharisee who invited Him into His house to eat, a parable of a moneylender and two debtors. The one debtor owed the moneylender 500 denarii or 500 silver pieces or 500 days worth of salary. The other debtor owed the moneylender only 50 denarii or 50 silver pieces or 50 days worth of salary. The moneylender being merciful, cancelled the debt of both debtors. And Lord Jesus Christ’s question to Simon is this: “Now which of them (debtors) will love him (moneylender) more?”

And of course it is the one who owed much who will love more because great mercy has been shown unto him. And to reciprocate to this great mercy is by showing much love

And to relate this parable with our relationship with Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus Christ is the moneylender. We, all mankind are debtors. We are debtors because no one is righteous and all have fallen short of the standard of Yahweh’s holiness. Even our righteousness/ good works are filthy rags in Yahweh’s sight. And to be cancelled of our sins because of what Lord Jesus Christ did for us, it is but right to love Lord Jesus Christ and to love Yahweh back.

P.S. Forgiven much, loves much in return. Forgiven little, loves little in return.


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