Day 99 Battlecry against El Niño in the Philippines 

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(screenshot, credits to the original owner 🙂)
El Niño is still here. I am no meteorologist so I don’t know how long it will last.

As I was watching last April 7, 2016 lunctime news about the effects  of El Niño in the Philippines, I can’t help but have compassion and cry. The effects of El Niño are devastating that it affected 6 provinces in the country and ₽93 million worth of damaged goods. Many people especially farmers get buried in debt. Many others lacked food and water. The government can only do price freeze as the solution to the problem of El Niño in the areas already declared as state of calamity.

As I was looking at the dried ground featured in that lunchtime news on the television, I remembered the song “Heal our Land” by Planetshakers. My tears can’t stop from flowing as I saw those farmers clamoring for help and the dried lands. I felt so helpless at that time because I can’t do anything for them but pray from a distant. So I prayed and sang the song “Heal our Land” silently though and continued crying. The goverment can’t provide real solutions. I can’t help those farmers financially. So I turned to Yahweh for I know only Yahweh can provide real answers to humans’ many problems.

Maybe Yahweh allowed El Niño because those farmers lacked the wisdom and knowledge of how to truly fear Yahweh. Maybe those farmers don’t know how to farm at times like El Niño (like planting crops that can withstand drought/ little water). 

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…

In Hosea 4:6, Israelites perish because they lack wisdom. In the verse above it pertains to the priests. But I want to use this verse that many people in the Philippines are still foolish some way or another. I am not saying I am very wise because I have foolish tendencies too.

But in the end, I can only make endless speculations why El Niño highly devastated those areas in Mindanao while other parts of the country still have adequate food supply.

 I hope Yahweh will answer me to heal the Philippines from El Niño even if not all farmers are born again Christians.


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