Day 105 Hypotheses I think that Lord Jesus Christ died naked on the cross

Hi there!

So my title for this blog post seems very striking.

Did Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross naked?

First, I am not a theologian. I am also not a historian or an anthropologist.

Romans execute Non-Roman citizens who are criminals on the cross. Some say it is the Romans way to strip naked criminals while hanging on the cross. Slow death and very shameful indeed. 

So what made me ask this question about our Lord Jesus Christ?

Well to be honest, I saw a vision and it was a long time ago. I didn’t asked for it. But strangely Lord Jesus Christ showed it to me. In that vision (when I say vision, a sudden picture or scenario suddenly come up in my mind), I saw a man hanging on a cross. Down cast face. The atmosphere is cloudy gray in color. He doesn’t have a crown of thorns. His skin color is tan like the skin color of most Filipinos. His face looks grimy and sweaty. He has brownish blackish short hair. He had a short mustache and beard. And I only saw half upper body. And then at the back side of the cross, his arms hangly loose to form a V-shape. And that V-shape suddenly became the logo of Victory Christian Fellowship. Then the vision ended. It made me wonder why Lord Jesus Christ didn’t show His full dead body on the cross. And for me maybe cause He was naked on the cross.

And from that vision, it led me into writing this blog. 

I wonder how many Christians have thought of the question: “Did Lord Jesus Christ died naked on the cross?”

So what’s so important if indeed He died on the cross naked? 

Well, it may not mean a lot but it will help everyone appreciate Lord Jesus Christ death because Lord Jesus Christ died the death you and I should have died!

So aside from some historical aspect that Romans shame the criminals by stripping them off of clothes. Have you not wondered that Roman soldiers divided His garment and cast lots too?

In Jewish tradition, they wear the outer garment and an inner garment. The outer garment is like a robe. But the inner garment is a one piece chemise-type seamless dress. Yes, men in those times wear dress because tailored garments are not yet available at that time so they wear easy to wear in and out of clothes.

Another, in the Gospel narratives the women of Jerusalem who followed Lord Jesus Christ just stand far off when Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. And for me that would indicate that those women don’t want to see the shame of nakedness of Lord Jesus Christ. But who knows why? It’s just my wild guess.

And lastly, Lord Jesus Christ is the LAST PERFECT ADAM/MAN. The first ADAM was naked but felt no shame but sinned. And Lord Jesus Christ was made shameful through His nakedness to give us life, righteousness, and to clothe our shameful bodies.

In the end, I don’t know if you’ll agree with me. But what’s important that through Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, I can receive LIFE, CLOTHED IN WHITE LINEN,HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, HIS INHERITANCE. 😊🙂😬😁😃


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