Day 106 Book Review: Ba’t Di Ako Rich? (Why I’m not rich?)

Hi there!

Past days ago, I dropped by National Bookstore after I went from my dentist. And I saw this book:

Since I had spare money in my wallet which I impulsively use, I can’t help but buy this book. The English translation of the book is “Why I’m not rich? And other questions about everyday faith” by William B. Girao. It’s written mostly in Filipino. The book costs ₽75. 

So I initially thought that this book is all about money issues or maybe dwells in prosperity gospel. I was surprised to see that it also discusses topics on lust,horoscopes,faith healer,homosexuality, abuse, academic failure, God’s will, protest rallies and other important issues for a born again Christian. Overall, it discusses every facet of life the author is able to touch on.

In this blog post, I will quote things I find striking.

Ang Bible-based thinking ay nagbubunga ng isang workable at common-sense approach sa kahit na anong sitwasyon.

The author adds that this kind of thinking is based on Psalm 111:10 “God gives sound judgment to all who obey His commands.”

Christianity is for each day, not just Sundays.

Nais ng Diyos na we love Him with all our heart. Ang tunay na pagmamahal ay person-oriented, hindi benefits-centered.

I love how the author said that when we love selflessly, we should love the person for who he or she is despite his or her flaws and not because of the person’s riches, outward appearance or what he or she can give to us. If we love others based on what benefits we can get from them, we aren’t truly loving them but we selfishly love ourselves more with that kind of mindset.

Ang paalala sa atin ng writer ng Proverbs, “A good name (o ang pagkakaroon ng mabuting character) is to be more desired than great riches.”

In the quotation I made above, our number 1 priority is to produce godly character as a fruit of repentance and believing in Lord Jesus Christ than producing vast riches. 

Ang pagbibigay sa gawain ng Diyos ay hindi dapat basta-bastang mapopostpone hanggang sa yumaman tayo. We simply offer to God kung anong meron tayo kahit gaano kaliit. At isusurprise nalang tayo ng Panginoon, sa kung ano ang gagawin Niya sa maliit na offering natin.

The Christian’s joy is in the Lord.

Mali sa lahat ng panahon at sitwasyon ang pagnasaan ang pag-aari na ng iba.

Ang pagiging careless ay pag-aanyaya sa problema.

Pray na maggugrow siya sa kanyang reverence and love for God, in understanding of Scriptures, in obedience to Christ, and in personal experience of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Para makaconcentrate ka, basahin mo nang malakas ang Bible.

Ang sabi nga, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

In the quotation above, I find very interesting. It’s important to fill one’s mind with godly thoughts. I urge you to memorize Philippians 4:8. In this verse, Paul urges all believers of Lord Jesus Christ to think on true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtue, praiseworthy things. 😊 Isn’t it amazing? We need to fill our minds with all the good and godly stuffs so the devil can’t whisper to us whether consciously or subconsciously any guileness or wickedness.

Imbes na nagkoconcentrate ka kung paano mo makakalimutan ang mga lustful thoughts, magconcentrate ka sa pagpuno ng isip mo ng mga pure thoughts.

Makisama sa mga taong mahal din ang Diyos at kausapin mo sila tungkil dito.

In the quotation above, in English it means “Be with the people who loves God (Yahweh) and talk with them about God’s Word.”  Oh how I long to be with more believers. I thank God my dad is born again Christian. But to be honest, I seldomly talk to him about the Bible. My  Christian friends I don’t see anymore. My life has become this shadowy existence. But I am not totally in utter darkness. Would you be my friend? (Just kidding😅).

Ang tunay na spiritual victory ay nakakamit kapag lagi mong pinupuno ang iyong isip ng mga pure thoughts.

Pero ang mga sumusunod sa Diyos ay makakaranas ng tunay na joy at makakahanap ng meaning sa buhay.


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