Day 113 Answer to El Niño in Philippines 

Hi there!

In my blog entitled ‘Day 99 Battlecry against El Niño in the Philippines’, I poured out my heart to Yahweh as I had compassion for my fellow citizens heavily affected by El Niño as I watched that lunch time news.

Now, a recent development which the Philippine government issued through Twitter (I saw it in Twitter): 


(screen shot from Twitter, all credits to owners)

(screenshot, credits to the owners)
So I don’t know if this is a continuous solution for the Philippines in terms of El Niño.

But this is one of the signs which Yahweh answered my prayer of restoring and healing the Philippines land.

That’s it for now. I pray that Yahweh will heal the Philippines just for the sake of a million people out of 100 million who loved Him in Spirit and Truth and deeply in Jesus’ name Amen!

Please do pray for Philippines too. God bless!😊


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