Day 115 Yahweh judges righteously

Hi there! 

I want to share today a little something about my extended family.

In my mother’s side family, my grandmother should have an inheritance of a few hectares of land. Her younger brother made her sign a waiver of rights making her no longer an heir to their parents’ land. Now my mom and my aunts are angry because my grandmother waived her right to the land. And my mom and aunts reason out that my grandmother never made a right decision in her life. Though she may no longer benefit from the land, my mom and her sisters and brother and their children (I am part of that), will have no inheritance.

So what happened to the deceiving and cunning younger brother of my grandmother?

Well he had many mistresses and made them pregnant. Now his legal wife does not know about his illegitimate children. 

Now that wicked extended-grandfather of mine also deceived the other 6 siblings of my grandmother.

When I first heard that story from my mother, I was so angry because of my grandmother’s arrogance and my extended-grandfather’s deceitfulness!

Now where is that extended-grandfather?

Well, he got an accident and now in ICU paralyzed.

I really did prayed days before he got an accident that Yahweh should punish him for his wicked ways.

Now where is his wealth that he stole for what my grandmother’s should be rightfully hers and to her children? It’s now being sold or on pawn.

Truly whatever wealth you got from wicked ways won’t prosper.

PS. This is a real testimony of how Yahweh answers prayers. 


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