Day 121 Advices from mom

Hi there!

I’m 22. People who are in my age group have started families or is in a relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend).

By the way I’m not in a relationship with a man. And no one is courting me or even trying to court me. (I have learned to accept that.)

My mom has seen the progress of her relatives’ relationships. By the way my mom is Roman Catholic so don’t accept her advices too easily but discern for yourselves  (I just want to share in this blog).

The advices I got from my mom in having a spouse (note: not just boyfriends=short flings but a long term/lifetime one):

  • The guy should have a land property. Let’s face it, my mom is like a gold-digger. She has not yet learned that true wealth and security comes from Lord Jesus Christ. But personally I see that advice kind of helpful. Why? Because on my own, I will inherit some properties from my parents. It should be fair enough that the man I’m about to marry should also have some inheritence. (And if I won’t get married, that’s fine. I have learned to accept that.)
  • If a man is serious about a woman (take note: not a girl but a woman and being a woman is based on maturity not on de-virginize a female), he will meet the woman’s parents without excuses. And I see that as a valid indicator if a man is serious or not. Why? We live in a world where one night stand or sex friends are the new normal.
  • The man should have a profession and not a burden. My mom complains that there are a lot of successful women with established businesses and yet there’s a hindrance to their success because the man has many vices and uses the wife’s money. And so they say, it’s better not to marry if the husband is a burden.

But personally what do I think?

Well mom may have some sense and logic but Yahweh is the One who has the last say for a spouse for me. If none then fine, I should learn to live that way. If there is, I should learn to live that way also. Everything in this world is learned. Even the number 1 commandment of Lord Jesus Christ to love Yahweh is learned through the faith of others.


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