Day 122 God heals wounds even bruises 

Hi there!

Several days ago, I was doing cardio exercises in my aunt’s narrow dining hall/kitchen. I was drawing my knee close towards my chest and I was doing it infront of the glass table. Since the place was narrow, my left knee hit the glass table so hard I moved the table. Thank God I didn’t break my aunt’s glass table and thank God my knee didn’t broke. But I had a deep bruise.

©Rina how Lord Jesus Christ heals wounds/bruises

When I felt the intensity of the pain of my left knee hitting the glass, I knew I would have a bruise. After several hours, it turned deep red and purplish. I try to stand and be immobile when the wound was like that.

And so I researched how bruises heals because this is not an open wound. And I found out when the bruise is turning yellowish/greenish then its healing. And also with bruises, avoid heat compress or massaging the area if it is a fresh bruise. But after 2 days use those blood stimulating tehniques to heal faster. 

So for me I really didn’t do anything much (besides putting Nivea lotion seldom). I focused on taking documentation as my reference of how Yahweh produces healing in my body.

For several days, I felt weak. My sleep is more heavier than usual because of that deep bruise. My hips ache because I believe my hips is part of the hematopoiesis. Overall, I felt malaise.

It took almost a week for the bruise to heal. 

I thank Lord Jesus Christ and Father Yahweh for healing me and I didn’t got a broken knee.

So Yahweh is able to heal or restores things no matter how deep the pain is. You just need to open your mind and observe the evidences Yahweh works towards the creation.



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