Day 123 Home Sweety Home

Finally atlast after a month (almost) for staying in Naga City, my foot has touched the land of my upbringing. After 12 hours of travel, I finally reached my old not so big house. 

I don’t know what’s this weird feeling I get by being back home. To be honest, I just got back home to be able to vote on May 9 because I’m registered here in my hometown. And at May 10 since I will have national assessment, I will immediately go back to Bicol after I vote on May 9.

I wonder what’s this feeling?

Is it nostalgic?

Is it because this is where God made me grow up during my childhood years?

The feeling that’s warm and cold. Warm in a sense its the comfort of my home. Cold as fire of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of me.

But nevertheless this is my home, where God made me a home.


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