Day 124 2nd Hand Laptop Repair

Hi there!

In my previous blog “Day 47 Harpazo-ed”, I recount my story on how my netbook got stolen.

And since I have pondered that I need a laptop for my Medicine education, I decided to buy a low-tech laptop. So the things I need in a laptop are the ff: Word, Excel, Ppt, Pdf reader, browser, wifi, it has to be lightweight.

So I find these basic needs in this Toshiba Dynabook: 


I bought this from a computer shop that sells second hand computers from E-mall, Naga City.

And the one I bought is ₽6,000. Actually the one I bought has a crack on the left corner of  the case. And compared to the cracked-less version its ₽6990.

©Rina cracked corner of my laptop

So you might think second hands are not worth it. But for me this is good enough and I have become far more productive wih this.

To fix the crack above, I discovered I just need to put epoxy putty:


Epoxy putty is just ₽89.75. If you do the math, it’s better to have bought the one with the crack because I can repair it.

So here’s the final output, call me now handywoman Rina. Just kidding.

©Rina sealed with epoxy putty

I know it looks bulky, but a source say I could sand it off once it has cured.

So if you have any similar problem, don’t dismay there are still ways to fix stuffs!



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