Day 125 Women can be wise

Who is a woman who is wise?

Does she have a name?

Who is faithful and seeks peace and pursue it?

She, who can make strong men of valor enter into treaties?

She, on her wise counsels, the whole city listens to her and does what she suggests?

She, who is not afraid to be the spokesperson for her people?

She who is not afraid to voice out to a strong man of war?

She who is but a woman but did what no man in her time can stood up to?!

She by her councils made a revolution end?

Who is such a woman?!

There is one.

She is not named. But she is celebrated as the wise woman of the city of Abel (2Samuel 20).

When Sheba son of Bichri rebelled against King David, Sheba hid in her peaceful city.

She who suggested to Joab, the commander of King David’s army not to destroy and annihilate the citizens of the city of Abel. And by her sweet counsels, made the people cut off Sheba’s head as a ransom for many in that city.

Who is such a wise woman?

Are there still like her today?


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