Day 126 I didn’t know iPhone can do that

Hi there!

To all people who own iPhones, this blog post is for you.

Did you know you can check your heart rate with your camera (ofcourse there’s an app for it)?

I own iPhone 6. Aside from I’m able to track the number of steps I take using StepWise app and because iPhone has this sensor. I didn’t know there’s this app that measures heart rate using this app:

©Rina (screenshot, HeartRate app)

So basically smart phones these days can track a person’s health and who knows what’s next.

And using the heart rate app, it’s free and it’s kind of accurate. I think the mechanism to measure the heart rate is simple. The camera of smartphones these days can see infrared and our body’s heat is in the same wavelength as infrared. So I think every pulsation of heat from the finger over the camera’s lense, the app is able to calculate the heart rate in less than a minute.

I had an extreme walk the past days, and when I checked it out my heart rate is over a 100. And when I woke up, I average around 80.

Additional info, if your resting heart rate is low like 60, it means your heart is really efficient and you are hard-core athlete. 

And since mine is around 80 (when resting or just woke up), it reflects that my body lacks aerobic exercise and I need to train more.

So always be healthy, try the Heart Rate app (also if you own iPhone 6 or newer models, try StepWise app).

Stay fit!


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