Day 127 Elections Day!🎉👆🏻🇵🇭

Hi there!

Today is the day I cast my vote for the destiny of Philippine government.

For the past days, my initial plan was to vote at 6am, and travel back to Bicol because of national assessment in TESDA.

But sadly, it didn’t go as planned and the national assessment got postponed again.

So I slept through morning. My parents and my older brother voted in the morning. While I was left behind, I voted past 1pm.

And thank Father Yahweh there was no line and there are many approachable volunteers.

I told the volunteer, I will be voting. So they made me write my name on a paper and they searched my precinct number which I already know. Then in the master list, I was asked if it was me on the picture. My picture back then was short hair and my uglier version. And I signed in the masterlist. I received my ballot. I first sat in a corner table and when I checked it, it was for senior citizens so I moved again to another table.

It took me 10 minutes for the whole voting process. I really took my time. So I voted Duterte for President. I voted Cayetano for VP. For partylist, I voted 1-Agri because I have compassion for the Filipino farmers. For the LGU positions, I voted mostly NPC partylist members.

And I cast my vote on the machine. I had my right index finger tainted with teal ink. And I read the receipt and it was read correctly.

©Rina 🇵🇭Election Day (tainted with teal)

Happy elections day!🎉


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