Day 129 Greatest things for being Single

Hi there!

Today is James Reid’s birthday and he got a girlfriend. Also, my ex-crush from church is today’s birthday too. Sadly, those guys are just dreams that quickly pass away.

So what are the greatest things for me being single?

(Warning: This is highly my opinion so you may not agree with me at all.)

  1. You get to prioritze Lord Jesus Christ more!❤️❤️❤️
  2. You don’t get to tell your parents about your love life. You can chat with your parents about anything but love life. But when you got a new crush, you can chat with every new girl you get acquainted and tell them the history of your love life.
  3. You get to love yourself more. Learn more. Be a better version of you.
  4. You get to help family first before going on/spending/squandering money on dates.
  5. You get to be more productive because there are not much emotional distractions.
  6. You can get away from unhealthy addictions by thinking of potential partners in a dating/courting process.
  7. You get to be ‘you’ without doing the ff: waxing, make-up, hairstyles, etc. In essence, you could be bare and fairly ugly but you won’t care that much.
  8. You can go anywhere at anytime and no ones gonna miss you like lovers in long distance relationships.
  9. You avoid random guys and regretting later. For your awesomeness, you should choose a man who is worthy to touch you and to get in touch with your feelings.
  10. You can get to have a better judgment on what a potential partner should be!
  11. You just get to enjoy this stage in your life.
  12. You get to experience the hope of someday a huge miracle in your love life will happen!

Single? Don’t worry! Have a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ first!


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