Day 130 Do you want to travel the earth?

Hi there!

I have friends whose dreams is to explore and travel the earth. Have their passports tattooed /stamp with so many logos. I had that dream too before. But do you really know the real intentions of your heart to travel into places?

In Job 2:2, Father Yahweh asked Satan what Satan has been doing. And Satan said he is roaming the world back and forth.

Immediately when I read that, I have understood why a lot of worldly people like to travel because it is a wordly desire not a heavenly desire.

And if you introspect further, what can you get from traveling the world? Well you get to see a lot of people who are not in Christ and a lot of cultures that are idolatrous and Anti-Christ. 

But I don’t say that traveling is that bad! 

Lord Jesus Christ commissioned His Church to go and make disciples even till the ends of the earth. So traveling per se is not evil. It may be worldly. But if you obey Lord Jesus Christ’s command, you can have a missionary desire as you travel.

Why not try to win souls in Christ while your traveling? Why not help people who are within your radar while traveling?

Is life all about achievements and bragging about where you have been and how you got there?


Is life more about storing up heavenly treasures even if we are living in this world?

So ladies and gentlemen, if want to go abroad or simply travel, try ask yourself if it pleases Father Yahweh. It will please Father Yahweh to help you go to places you were never been before if you can help win souls to Christ along the way!

PS. Have a missionary spirit!


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